Saturday, March 24, 2007

Call for submissions--ICP 10

I would like to announce, proudly so, that the next host of the The International Carnival of Pozitivities (ICP) will be Jennifer Burke at Transcending Gender, one of the Weblog Awards 2006 finalists. Jenn is accepting submissions for edition 10 now. If you have a post that you specifically would like us to consider, please send an email with its URL permalink by 2 April at midnight EDT (New York Time). Otherwise, I will be scanning blogs in the next few days for nominations and you will hear from me as I get that task completed.

If you haven't yet read the 9th edition at Creampuff Revolution, I recommend you visit my friend Roro's site for a gander at what was presented last month. Please remember to share the link with your readers so that we can increase our audience. Any posts you can make on your own blogs to announce the various editions of the ICP (including listing the ICP in your blogroll) will be helpful.

I hope this finds you well. With good luck and God willing, I will celebrate my 48th birthday on Monday. When I think that I was 25 when I first learned of my HIV status, I am filled with a mixture of disbelief, astonishment and gratitude. I hope that the fight against HIV/AIDS will focus more on curing the illness and preventing its spread, rather than on just maintaining our health with existing medications.

Please consider participating in the next edition. Thank you for your past support.



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