Friday, November 03, 2006

The Motion Project: Music from a Diverse City

Wash away the hate and pain
What you give is what you gain.

The Motion Project, Shamwari, Music by Maurice Macartney; Lyrics by Wilson Magwere and Brendan McLaughlin

I have been meaning to highlight a wonderful example of the synergy that comes from good causes. A few weeks ago, I received a CD from Darren Ferguson of The Motion Project. He was kind enough to share his music with people from the 1 Giant Leap Bulletin Board because his project was inspired by the work of Duncan Bridgeman and Jamie Catto.

Belfast, Northern Ireland, as we all know, has been a city of tears for a long time. Religious and political violence was the norm. Just a short while ago, Prime Minister Tony Blair of the UK announced that the Irish Republican Army has decided to put down its arms and no longer to use violence as a means of bringing change to the area. I admire the leaders of both sides who contributed to this decision. Many of us in America have Irish roots and it has been a sad spectacle to see the dead and wounded of both sides in the streets of Northern Ireland.

One group that may have contributed to the peace is the Motion Project. With an end to sectarian and racial violence as a goal, the project brought together 46 musicians representing 11 countries to produce a CD of diverse multi-cultural music. Rather than making war, they made music. What a beautiful idea.

I hope that you will read about the project and offer them any support that you can. The Irish and those who live in Ireland from other countries are some of the friendliest people in the World. Let us share in the love.



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