Saturday, October 28, 2006

A Glimpse of AIDS in Kenya

Editor's Note: The following appeal from Reverand Tom Okeyo Obiero of the Lake Fellowship Centre in Sondu, Kenya, East Africa, will give you a glimpse into the difference between AIDS in the West and AIDS in Africa. While we all probably have managed to pick up a pen somewhere that advertises a pharmaceutical product, pens are just one more item on a list of many things that are needed to promote World AIDS Day activities in this center. Please visit the website of this group and have a look at what they are trying to do. Here you will see some of the faces of AIDS in Africa: beautiful children who have lost their parents to the disease.

Ron Hudson

World AIDS Day (WAD)

We have come up with the following activities for WAD this year. For Schools we are targeting the following Schools in lower Nyakach:

  • Oremo Primary School
  • Kandaria Secondary School
  • Sigoti Primary School
  • Akado Primary

In terms of community training we will do one training (session) at Katito. We are writing letters to about 40 Churches to hold prayers on 1st December for who are infected and affected.

We will need the following resources:

  • Pens for training 15$
  • Notebooks 50$
  • Newsprint 20$
  • Refreshments 100$
  • Transportation 100$
  • Publicity 20$
  • Miscellaneous 25$
  • Total 330$

Our appeal:

We are asking for well-wishers, friends and groups who can come in and support us to achieve this years programme for World Aids Day. If you can donate cash or the items please get in touch with me at this address.

Tom Okeyo


I am a pastor working with the unfortunate in our community. I believe that we have to come up with ways to help those who are hurting in our society. Most people--mothers, wives and children--are infected and affected with the issue of HIV/AIDS in our community. The old are left with young children to feed, clothe and educate while the resourceful people are dying of AIDS. This made me come up with ideas to help these people stop the spread of HIV/AIDS and to see that those who are hurting are getting ways out of their problems. I need funds to help orphans, and to train people to overcome problems which are HIV/AIDS related. I need partners who can join me in this work and ideas that can help me more. For more information on how to help out, go to our
about the Lake Fellowship Center.

I am married and have three children. I live in Kisumu, Kenya.

Tom Okeyo Obiero



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