Saturday, September 30, 2006

What has Congress Given Bush now? US Habeas Corpus May be Dead

In the following article by Molly Ivins , you can read about the legislation that was quietly passed in the past 2 days to suspend habeas corpus in the United States for anyone that George W. Bush might deem to be an enemy combattant. He also gets to define what constitutes being an enemy combattant and what constitutes torture. I am absolutely incredulous that this Republican administration would spend hours arguing about the sanctity of marriage due to its historical and religious precedent and yet would toss out law that has been in effect in the English legal tradition since the Magna Carta.

In a further article, a New York Times editorial examines the details of just what has been given to the despot from Crawford, TX. You may need to log into the NY Times to access the article which was originally published in 28 September 2006.



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