Sunday, September 24, 2006

Link to Human Rights Watch Organization

Please learn how to "End Abuses, Expand Access and Eliminate AIDS" by visiting The Human Rights Watch Organization HIV/AIDS webpage and main website.



Blogger Akira Ohiso said...

Ron, Hi, Akira Ohiso, from Blog to End AIDS. You are welcome to link to my post "Whatever Happened to Safe Sex, By Ian Daly." Thanks for the nomination.

9/25/2006 10:31:00 AM  
Blogger pepektheassassin said...

Hello Ron. Glad to meet you. (I saw your comment on Erin Monahan's Poetic Acceptance -- that's how I came to yours). It was nice to have you stop by mine and leave such nice comments. Come by anytime!

9/25/2006 12:18:00 PM  

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