Thursday, September 07, 2006

Highlighting the Role of Nurse-Angels--Change of Shift Blog Carnival

Many of you know that I regard nurses as angels. The vast majority of nurses are beautiful souls who tirelessly work to bring comfort to patients and their families during times of crisis. I can think back to many different times when nurses have provided just the right words or just the right gesture to make life more bearable in an unbearable time. When my dad passed away, I will never forget seeing the nurses who were present with tears in their eyes as they shared in my family's grief.

It is with great pleasure that I promote the blog carnival for nurses, Change of Shift. Kim McAllister of the San Francisco Bay area is the founder of the carnival and has become an ally and friend in blog carnivalia in the past month. You can read Change of Shift: Volume One, Number Six here.

Please take a moment to read about the sacrifices of our friends in nursing and to thank them for their jobs well done.



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