Monday, August 14, 2006

NC LGBTQ Film Festival--Day 4

I saved this film for the last evening of the NC LGBTQ Film Festival. I wish I had seen it earlier in the schedule of films so that I could have ended the festival on a high-note. Instead, I found "Amnesia: The James Brighton Enigma" to be a riveting although very disturbing film.

This film recounts the story of a man who awakens nude with contusions and bruises in Montreal. He has total amnesia and can not explain how he ended up there, but neither can he recall who he is, where he is from or how he was beaten. The film traces the revelations of his life as they come back to him, including a rather disturbing violent event. Although it is often not very pretty to look at reality in the LGBTQ world, this film presents an image of homophobia and violence that must not be ignored.


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