Sunday, August 13, 2006

NC LGBTQ Film Festival--Day 3

The third day of the NC LGBTQ Film Festival proved to continue to provide high-quality films about LGBTQ issues for our entertainment. My first film of the day was the Comedy Men's Short Film anthology "What If He Laughs?". There were a number of very good short films in this grouping, but my favorite, by far, had to be "Hitch Cocked". You can read about the different films that were included by visiting the website list of short films and looking for the showings and times.

After the shorts, I saw a feature length film that was very touching, very funny and beautifully shot. "Red Doors" is the story of a Chinese-American couple and their three daughters. One is a rebelious teenager, the second is planning her marriage and the third finds herself in love as well. Meanwhile, Dad is suffering from depression related to aging. This film should have a wider release than some of the films in this festival, so look for it in theaters or at your local video store or Netflix.

I had not planned to attend the reception last night, but was given a ticket by a kind friend. At the reception, I was able to meet and talk with Tab Hunter for just a few minutes, as well as to catch up with old friends and make some new ones. Food and drink was provided by local eateries. It was nice to see the Drag Bingo girls there, heavy in make-up and wigs, balancing on five-inch heels. If you have time, please go see them at Drag Bingo to benefit the Alliance of AIDS Services Carolina.

My last film of the day was "Boy Culture". This was a gritty, sexy film about three gay male roommates and one of them, in particular, who works as a high-paid hustler. The film is full of sexual tension and features quite the plot twist. Despite a sullen, brooding undertone, there is a peppering of one-liners from subordinate characters to break the ice. All in all, this is another very good movie that you should try to catch at a theatre or videostore near you.

I send my praises to the selection committee for their choices of films this year. Day 3 did not dissappoint at all. Thank you to the volunteers and staff at the NC LGBTQ Film Festival and to the Carolina Theatre of Durham for hosting us.



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