Thursday, August 10, 2006

Margaret Cho Concert in Durham, NC

I may have bought the last few tickets in the house for this show, but was it ever worth it. Margaret Cho proved once again why she is one of my heroes. Her outspoken views about politics and self-image make me proud of her. Her stories leave me laughing until I lose my voice. It was a wonderful night spent with two of my best friends and a house full of people from the RTP area who adore Margaret Cho. The energy was fun and positive and just exactly what is needed for so many of us during the onslaught of insanity that surrounds us in today's world. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Margaret Cho!

LISP, the Gay Rapper warmed up the audience with LGBTQ-related rap. If you have a chance to see this comedy routine, you should do so.

Tonight marks the beginning of the NC LGBTQ film festival in Durham and there is a nice array of movies to pick from for all members of the community. Please support the festival by coming out in every sense of the word. Films will be running through Sunday night.



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