Sunday, July 23, 2006

How Lucky Can You Get?

It was an unexpected visit to Wilmington, North Carolina, and to Orton Plantation in Brunswick County, but what a great experience. The details will be scarce out of deference to the people involved, but I was able to meet Jamie Catto of 1 Giant Leap and to spend two days on a movie set for a film that will be released in the future. I took a couple of photos of the site, but did not chase the movie stars and photograph them as they were working hard to wrap up their film.

(Above: A shot of the Spanish-moss-draped trees at the end of the beautiful oak-lined entrance to the plantation and gardens. Left: A dusk-lit shot of trees growing over a small creek that eventually joins the Cape Fear River.)

(Left: My friend Jamie Catto and me in a shot taken around midnight while filming took place behind us. We had spent the day in the heat and humidity of southeastern NC on July 21, 2006.)

It was a great deal of fun playing host to my friend and to my new friend Mike (whose family name I never learned), a young man from Los Angeles and videographer with Jamie who was on his first visit to North Carolina. After I told him about the alligators, the snakes, the mosquitos, the sand-fleas and, last but not least, the chiggers, Mike told me "Dude, you should never be a travel agent for this state or no one would ever visit here!" OK, so I was being a little overly-dramatic and maybe should have left out the detail of chiggers on one's scrotum, but by the end of the shoot, I think Mike had a bit better image of the area and a nice aroma of deet.



Blogger Hud Saunders said...

Great to see the Catfish looking so chilled out! It must be your influence Ronaldo.


7/26/2006 01:51:00 PM  

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