Monday, July 24, 2006

International Carnival of Pozitivities--Call for Submissions

The second edition of the International Carnival of Pozitivities is accepting submissions of blog entries from people who are living with HIV/AIDS, or from their caregivers, family and friends. As I have said many times before, as long as any one of us is living with HIV/AIDS, we are all living with AIDS. The intent of this new and unique forum for the HIV/AIDS community is to share our life experiences, hopefully by finding people with mainstream high-volume blogs who will volunteer to host the Carnival and, consequently, expose more readers to the realities of the disease. There are still far too many myths about the disease and far too little education on prevention. If you have blogged about how HIV/AIDS has been manifested in your life, or if you wish to volunteer, please visit the International Carnival of Pozitivities homepage and take a look at what it is all about.



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