Friday, July 14, 2006

Randall: Eight Storeys

Dave Randall, one of the members of the group Slovo, is featured on this CD of acoustic music mixed with ethereal sounds. On the SpaciousMusic site, this work is described as "a breathtaking work of depth, beauty and fragility from guitarist Dave Randall. The understated arrangements combine circular acoustic guitar motifs, cello, piano, otherwordly vocals and soaring electric guitar in wonderfully emotive compositions.Rhythmically playful moments reminiscent of Philip Glass morph into stark soundscapes more akin to those conjured by Iceland’s Sigur Ros. Throughout a sense of economy and simplicity define an album which is both soothing and haunting in equal measure. A stunning piece of work."

I personally find this music to be beautifully peaceful, perfect for accompanying meditation or therapeutic massage. You can listen for yourself to a few of the songs at the SpaciousMusic site. To read more about Dave Randall and this production, please visit Randall: Eight Storeys.

Although I like all the tracks, I think my favorite might well be "Take it Easy, But Take It". You can hear this track at the SpaciousMusic site.



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