Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Translation of an Article on Trans Issues

Jay Sennett dropped by a few weeks ago to visit the Carnival of Bent Attractions and so I checked out his site in return. In the process, I discovered a request for someone who could assist him in translating an article written by Lalla Kowska-Régnier of Paris, France. Since I read French and have a desire to maintain my abilities in the language, I offered to help him out. The result is a post on his site, entitled "Feminist Mutations: Trans Feminism or Transinism". This proved to be a very interesting article to read and translate as I learned a lot about the issues of the transsexual/transgendered/transambiguous (my term, not intended to insult, you have to read the article to understand) community. Please visit Jay's site and have a read if you want to challenge yourself about the self-perceptions of a pre-operative, post-hormonal MtS (Male to Sorceress/Witch) individual.



Anonymous Jay said...

Thank you again Ron!

Very exciting, for me at least, and I'm glad you felt like you learned something.

Lalla is very provocative, even among us trannies!

6/20/2006 03:37:00 PM  

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