Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Return of Ron's Bush

After all the to-do about finding and replanting my bush, I have to report that the transplant died during the summer while I was away. I originally wrote about my bush after it was featured at a memorial party for my friend Donald and after one of our acquaintances fell into it and made "snow angels", or should I say "bush angels", in October of last year. That particular bush was at Donald’s summer home in Onancock, Virginia, and is likely dead now due to being trampled and beaten by our friend.

All is not sad for my bush, however. I was looking recently for some shade tolerant and deer tolerant plantings at a local landscaping store when I found and purchased a new bush for only $16. I planted the new kerria last evening in my backyard, in an area where my bush can stay moist and yet receive plenty of sunshine.

I hope that this time, my bush will thrive and grow, to produce double yellow pom-pom flowers throughout the summers to come.



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