Wednesday, July 20, 2005


(Left: A statue of Charlemagne outside Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Reputedly, my family is descended through our Warren line from Emperor Charlie.)

I spent 2 nights in Paris, dining with my old friend Eric (known since 1976) and his family and the next night with Florence's brother José. Both nights were great fun. I was able to gather a few interviews and some shots of the area around la Cité and Notre Dame.

This morning, I left for Paris' Gare de Lyon and took my train out at 11:24. Eric showed up to wish me well...a gesture that was appreciated but very much beyond necessity. He's a good guy.


I am now in Montpellier, where the centre ville had changed significantly and it is hot, sunny and beautiful. I may do interviews, but not until night begins to fall. I will try to get out to the University before evening so that tomorrow I can make it to Aigues-Mortes. I hope to visit the prisons there where the protestants were interred during the Inquisition.



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