Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A new site to check out: Where is Liddy?

I received an intriguing email today from the North Carolina Democrats on Facebook. It poses a question that I have been asking for years:

Where is Liddy?

When Senator Helms announced he would not seek re-election in 2002 and Elizabeth Dole transfered her residency from Kansas back to her hometown in North Carolina, I wondered just who she planned to represent in the US Senate. It seemed really apparent to me that she was groomed to replace Senator Helms and to carry on his business-as-usual, divisive, and unwavering support for a right-wing ultra-conservative agenda.

After her election in 2002 and Helm's retirement in 2003 at the end of his term, I have contacted Senator Dole on numerous issues relating to erosion of our freedoms, special interests and the abysmal record of the Bush Administration. It was only in the past 3 months that her offices ever responded to me in any way. In that response, the Senator indicated that she didn't agree with everything the President has done, but that she believes he is acting in the best interest of this country. Apparently, she is one of the few who believe this.

It is no surprise that I am not the only one asking "Where is Liddy?" I have heard of nothing of significance for the State of North Carolina that she has accomplished. In fact, the only significant role that has come to my attention was her leadership and service on a committee to re-elect a Republican Senate in 2006. I think it is fair to say that she failed in that effort.

I think it is time we strive for some checks and balances in our Senate representation from North Carolina so that every citizen in North Carolina has at least one Senator who will listen and respond to their needs. I will support efforts to help Senator Dole retire at the end of this term. I hope that you will join me in bringing this about.



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