Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Forget Imus: What about The Pied Pipers of Sex? Welcome Guest Writer Emanuel Stanley of Philadelphia, PA


Emanuel Stanley is a Disease Intervention Specialist for the Department of Public Health in Philadelphia. He is also a freelance writer and spoken word/ rap lyricist.

German folklore/legend tells of a story about a Pied Piper and the townspeople of Hamlin who agreed to a sum of money to be paid for the Pied Piper’s pest extermination services. This job was to be performed in order to rid the town of the rats and mice- which carried the fleas- that caused the bubonic plague or “Black Death”. After the work was successfully completed, the townspeople reneged on the payment. Then, upon hatching a diabolical plot, the Pied Piper cleverly donned a colorful, extravagant-looking outfit, accompanied with a musical pipe instrument, and played his music throughout the town drawing a large number of mesmerized children who danced and followed. The Pied Piper then led the children away to a mountain where they were never heard from or seen, again. The moral of the story: one way or another, sooner or later, you’re going to “pay the piper”.

They can be heard or seen on radio stations, music videos, skating rinks, popular nightclubs, the internet, local malls, sports arenas, blasting loud and clear from car stereos and practically everywhere: the “Pop” culture exploits and musical enticements of the Pied Pipers of Sex. Forget about Imus and ask yourself are these the new leaders of a sexual revolution or perversion? Just about every music category and genre has been affected by this fast growing national trend that shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. And the youth of this generation spend millions of dollars buying these “artists” latest recordings. Most people in America are very familiar with the old saying or cliché that “sex sells”, but lately the wholesale efforts by these “artist” has gotten a little bit out of control and somewhat ridiculous- like an annoying carpetbagger, from the Old West, trying hard to promote and sell his latest miracle potions and medicinal wares. The behind-the-scenes promoters and backers of this new leadership are very strange “bedfellows”, indeed. Because, having full knowledge of the many harmful side-effects their concoctions are helping to create, these carpetbaggers still find new and innovative ways to capitalistically exploit and sell their musical wares to young vulnerable consumers.

With the ongoing legal woes of the likes of Michael Jackson, R. Kelly (one of his a.k.a.’s is the Pied Piper of R&B… go figure) and many Catholic priests in the news, is there anything else that needs to be added to this already volatile mix of confusion, concerning sexual identity and other sex-related issues, that the youth must face in this country? Who can the youth trust when there’s a garden variety of sexual predators lurking around in the woods- like salivating wolves waiting to pounce on innocent unsuspecting sheep? And these perverted ones are willing and able to betray the youth’s trust just to impose then fulfill their own sexual lusts and desires on them. So like it or not, this country is already paying, and will continue to pay, a very heavy price for the corruption of minors.

Many R&B and rap tunes are laced with graphic details that have the “artist” stripping down a potential target to their butt-naked essence then committing sexual acts all before the normal four minute span of a song is over…leaving nothing for the imagination. Most adolescents can not handle “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” that comes with the choice of consummating a sexual relationship before reaching adulthood or marriage, and this “egging on” by popular music and peer pressure only complicates the matter. One has to question whether these adult recording artist, themselves, even understand the emotional attachments and responsibilities that accompany making a mature and informed decision- about their own sexual pursuits and freedom-
as they convey their sexually graphic messages in the ears of the under-aged? This writer is a front-line eyewitness of the mushroom cloud and infectious disease fall-out from the constant sex bombs these so called “artist” are dropping on the fragile minds of non-age appropriate and impressionable adolescents. Do they know, or even have the slightest clue, that their ‘words’ plant seeds and their seeds produce a harvest containing either good fruit or bad fruit? Have you ever ate a piece of fruit that was ‘rotten’ on the inside but ‘appeared’ edible and ‘smooth’ on the outside? You probably took a bite and got this mushy taste in your mouth then proceeded to spit it out and throw the rest of the fruit in the trash, which is exactly where most concerned parents feel this, borderline, pornographic music should go.

Many people also feel that the Pied Pipers of sex are increasingly becoming a public health nuisance (similar to menacing rodents) who are helping to fan the flames of adolescent sex (which is already a public health crisis due to the alarming rate of new STD infections) that is “burning” like an out of control forest fire. And like rats and mice, they seem to have the uncanny ability to squeeze themselves in and out of the most hardest places to reach and the tiniest of spaces such as a juvenile’s mind. But unlike their rodent counterparts, they are not to hard to find nor are they very adept at alluding capture: check out some of these “artist’s” long rap sheets or prior arrest records. Are these couriers of today’s music the new rats and mice, who carry the fleas, but are now spreading a modern-day type of “Black Death” or sexual plague in the thoughts of juvenile minds- which will “sooner or later ” manifest into an infection in their actual physical bodies? Because of this, parents must now develop their own vector control and pest extermination methods specifically designed to “Combat” and counteract the misinformation that is constantly being drilled in their child’s head.

“Smashing” or “getting smashed” and “smackin’-sum-cheeks” is the terminology currently being used in the social circles that follow the Hip Hop Culture and in some R&B and rap lyrics; it refers to unaffectionate and reckless sexual intercourse with a partner (straight or gay) who could be a pick-up, anywhere from a local mall to a house party or nightclub, and may be a one time only encounter. This term is also used by monogamous teens and the ones who have multiple sex partners. Many times protection (condoms) is an inconvenience seldom used thus helping to spread Chlamydia and Gonorrhea, the two most common sexually transmitted diseases amongst teenagers, which can cause sterility in both males and females. Not to mention the high teenage pregnancy rate with all the “baby momma drama” which seems to be a “badge of honor”, since so many ‘babies’ are having babies.

While counseling hundreds of infected teenagers at a Philadelphia STD clinic, this writer usually gives them a sound word of advice, “Investigate before you date! Get some history to know where these people are coming from and to definitely know where they’re going!” Because many Hip Hop youth who have been incarcerated at juvenile detention centers, and many who have not, are now engaging in sex with both males and females. They act thug. They talk thug. And of course, they even dress thug… but it’s all a facade. The ones who were adjudicated may have participated in “situational sex” activities, like some males and females do in the adult prison population, because they are at the age of high sexual libido and will take the next best thing available if the opposite sex isn’t. This high-risk sexual behavior among males may account for the escalating numbers of black female HIV/AIDS rates, because the infection now has a prime opportunity to be transported across the bridge from the bisexual/MSM (men who have sex with men) community into the straight/heterosexual community. Many of these youth and adult males still participate in this risky behavior long after leaving the confines of detention centers and prison walls. This fast growing phenomenon was “Pop”-ularized by author J.L. King who wrote about DL (Down Low) Thugs or Homo Thugs in his book, “On The Down Low: A Journey Into the Lives of “Straight” Black Men Who Sleep with Men.” But to be honest with you, this writer has been dealing with this pattern of sexual behavior, while working on STD cases as a Disease Intervention Specialist, long before Mr. King’s expose’. Professionally, I have learned that some Hip Hop adolescents and plain-looking ordinary males, who participate in this secret lifestyle, show no mannerisms or personalities like a stereotypical, flamboyant and feminine, gay male. A matter of fact, if you were to call them “gay”, “faggot” or “homosexual”, you might have a fight on your hands, because they feel like they’re just as masculine as any other man. But “DL” males are not just relegated, strictly, to minorities or incarcerated individuals. They come in all races, colors, and creeds and can found in the church, government agencies, the entertainment business, professional sports, civic and fraternal organizations and every facet of this society. Because of this clandestine and irresponsible sexual behavior on behalf of males, females of all races (young and old) are now looking more into celibacy, making pledges of abstinence and some are even considering a lesbian lifestyle, as a “protective option,” from the ‘fear’ of being exposed to one of the many STD’s or becoming a future HIV/AIDS statistic.

Young males in this nation are not the only ones experiencing a sexual identity crisis. In Philadelphia, many Hip Hop female youth, who may or may not have been adjudicated, are turning up in local high schools and some middle schools as DTO’s (Dykes Taking Over) or Rainbow Girls (they wear rainbow colored wristbands, bracelets and socks to signify that they are gay). These youngsters grope, molest and terrorize other female students who don’t want to be a part of their group or this latest trend/fad. Some of these DTO’s dress- with the baggy clothes, baseball caps and the whole nine yards-more thuggish than some males, which will make you have to do a double-take just to figure out what sex they are! Where are the youth of this generation getting this type of behavior from? Could it be from television, radio, the theater, published books or the other various forms of entertainment in “Pop” culture? Check out some of the music videos on regular and cable t.v., and you’ll see the latest craze of scantily-clad “chicks dancin’ with chicks” (a type of “eye candy”) in a very provocative and seductive manner, while “the boys” are standing around and lustfully watching with dollar bills in hand just taking it all in. Parents, do you think the “Grand Opening” of this kind of “Candy Shop” for your kids to buy then “lick a lollipop” is a sexual revolution or perversion? Forget about Imus! Don’t just judge him, try judging this form of entertainment that your children are listening to and watching in your glass house while you’re throwing stones at Imus for his improper behavior.

Many hardcore rap “artist” verbally paint pictures of their past jail terms as if going to jail is a “rite of passage” that validates and authenticates their “street cred” or credibility which, in turn, helps them to generate more record sales. But none of them will ever rap or talk about being sexually victimized or victimizing, if they experienced it, while locked up behind prison bars. However, though, their braggadocious rap songs are full of sexual innuendo and tales of female conquest that even King Solomon (who had over 900 wives and concubines and is considered the wisest man to ever walk on the face of this planet) couldn’t compete with or compare to. And many naïve adolescent females flock to and swoon over these “artist”, and can’t wait to be the next “groupie” or “the chosen one” to let it all hang out in one of their popular “booty” or soft-porn music videos. There is one sad note to add more insult to the already injured which has taken less than a decade to manifest and materialize. Because of all the negative stereotypical images being propagated by Hip Hop and “ Pop” culture, particularly in rap music and videos, the African-American female has been reduced from being the backbone and glue that keeps the black family together to being exploited and called the “b” word and “h” word with no regards to their past legacy of respect, personal struggle and overcoming what seemed to be insurmountable odds. But fret not! Because the great “g” word as in “giant”, not “gangsta”, slowly awakened from her slumber a couple of years ago. At Spelman College, a prestigious historical black college for women in Atlanta, the students protested and rebelled against a scheduled appearance by rapper, Nelly. Basically, their mission statement was that they could no longer support this “artist” because of the misogyny, mental abuse and denigration of African-American women which is very prevalent in his rap lyrics and music videos.

So parents… be on high alert, keep your yellow caution lights flashing and ‘act’ like the local school crossing guard, if you must, to protect your children. With extended arms to the front and palms out at a 90 degree angle, holler, “Stop!”, “Hold up!” or “Wait a minute!” Because the Pied Pipers of sex are trying to take your kids “on a Hip Hop ride” (lyrics by former rap group, “Naughty by Nature”) or a “Star Trek” journey “to where no ‘man’ has gone before”. Some will even try to drive their “Beautiful Minds” crazy, and then whisk them off to a distant mountain, where they will never be heard from or seen, again. And yes, “The Revolution Will Be Televised!”, and broadcast live (on some occasions just like the “Oscar’s”) via satellite throughout the whole wide world courtesy of the major cable networks. But no global positioning satellite (GPS), space camera or Lojack will be available to help you locate and find your kid’s lost mind. Because, they’ll be what R&B group “The Whisper’s” sing about in one of their old school songs, “Lost and Turned Out!” That is why “I AM” totally committed to carrying on my duties in counseling, motivating and educating your kid’s about today’s sexual issues and other topics that affect this Hip Hop generation. But parents, “sooner or later”, you will have to step onto the stage and play your parental guidance role to perfection- like you’re trying to win a “Tony Award”- in order to truly make a positive impact. It is still your major responsibility and job to teach your children about what is ‘art’ and what is ‘obscene’, according to your values and beliefs, so that they can distinguish the difference between the two and stop you from having to continue to “pay the piper!”



Blogger Paul Decelles said...

I really don't know what to make of this article. On the one hand the author is correct about selling of sex in general and I think the author is right about the role of parents. But it seems that Stanley is taking the tact of blaming hip/hop and blaming bisexuals for the spread of STD's. Some of his comments make me wonder if he understands gays at all; he acts suprised that the DL males don't behave in stereotypical gay fashion...maybe its because there is no stereotypical gay behavior.

I just think that there are deeper social issues here-I am reminded about the thesis of the book "Growing up absurd" whch is all about the loss of rites of passage rituals for males in our modern society and how adolescents are adrift-and this was written in the late 1960's. We isolate our youth; don't give them any sense of purpose-combine that with puberty...and you have a problem.

Blaming bi's or hip-hop solves nothing. But interesting article and I sure hope things aren't as bad as the author portrays them.

4/27/2007 09:04:00 PM  
Anonymous Emanuel Stanley said...

As a disease investigator, when I interview a client who has contracted or been exposed to an STD, I have to take a non-judgmental approach in order to be effective. So it's not about placing blame on the individual or other outside factors and influences. But it is about calling "a spade, a spade" and exposing the truth about their detrimental behavior. In this way, the cards are all on the table, to see clearly, so that we can start finding solutions to these problems which are having a devastating effect on all communities. (please refer to this link from an article entitled "The Monster is on the Attack:AIDS ravages Minority Communities":

Frankly and personally, I could care less if someone is straight, bi, gay or in the Hip Hop culture-or not. But what I do care about is their participation in unprotected sex (or promoting it) and placing other people's lives at risk to contract a deadly virus such as HIV/AIDS. Simply put! It's wrong and these individuals need to make a major adjustment in their sexual behavior or the propagation of it, because they are major contributors to the current outbreak of infectious syphilis and HIV, nationally. If you "hope things aren't as bad as the author portrays them (and they are because I am a frontline eyewitness and Philadelphia is currently in outbreak status/conditions),then please refer to this link from an article called "Syphilis rise in gay, bisexual men causes worry" published by ABC News on May 4, 2007.

5/06/2007 04:18:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does the author really believe that gay/bisexual men aren't "plain-looking ordinary males" and only have "flamboyant and feminine" characteristics. And I would suspect you would have a fight on your hands if you called anyone a "faggot." This person works in the community? Scary.

9/22/2008 09:22:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you are reading into what the author said way too deep and taking his points about gays & bi's way out of the context in which the comments were made. Maybe you should take some lessons in "reading comprehension!"

11/19/2009 11:23:00 PM  

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