Friday, September 02, 2005

The Shame of Katrina

A street off Jackson Square, New Orleans, Louisiana, late January, 2005.

It is a true shame how our country has not dealt with the disaster in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. I have listened to the politicians today pointing fingers at one another and it is only clear to me that they have ALL failed. There is no excuse for an evacuation plan that leaves behind over 100,000 poverty striken people, no matter what their race. There is no excuse to leave them drowning and baking in the sun or sweltering in inadequate facilities where there is no water nor sanitation.

Some friends of mine, an international community, have put together a tribute to the spirit of New Orleans. Here are some photos that were taken by Jody Kuchar and are included in ScribeSpirit eZine. Please remember the love that New Orleans has given us all and the way that New Orleans has bettered our country and the role the city has played in the history of the world. If you can, please make a contribution for Katrina relief. You can do so at the The Rainbow Fund or at America's Second Harvest.



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