Friday, March 04, 2005

Wanted: Fiddling Man

I want a lover with a fiddler’s stance,
a man who can saw, strut and dance,
a man chock full of arrogance,
when he is out in public.

I want a lover with a fiddler’s stance
who will snuggle close and hold my hands
and whisper sweetly of our plans
when he is in my head.

I also like a mandolin
when thinking where those hands have been
strumming oh so quickly then
when he is near his pleasure.

Too much to ask for sax with sex?
And also drums to time the pecks,
lips that know not their own effects
when one is face to face.

Universal dance of air, vibration
Exchanging emotions, airborn volitions
the building of life, love’s aim, condition
when one is simply human

Musician, poet, man fiddling, riddling
strutting, dancing as best he can, bowing
showing me that life is good, not owing
when love’s full tally is due.

Copyright 04 March 2005 by Ron Hudson



Blogger amy said...

you just described my Secret Dream Man.
what a smoking poem! great rhythm, too.

3/04/2005 01:38:00 PM  

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