Tuesday, March 01, 2005

"Esse Quam Videri?", It isn't Necessary

I plan to brave the wind and the cold tonight to protest the mere thought that someone can be perceived to be gay and be beaten unconscious on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill by a gang of seven cowardly thugs. Welcome to Bush's America! When the President of this country stands before the world and declares that love between gay people is a threat to the very core of his Christian society, then it is more likely that we will see this kind of cowardly act.

Each Sunday that goes by without a cry from the pulpits to end this scapegoating of American gays and lesbians is a Sunday that the point is being missed.

Each workday that companies do not institute protection for their employees is a day that they have lost an opportunity for justice and fairplay.

Each day that governments fail to include sexual orientation in their categories of people protected from discrimination is a day where discrimination wins.

North Carolina deserves better for its citizens. Please, be PRESENT, America! Tonight, 6 P.M. The Pit, UNC-Chapel Hill Campus.



Blogger anonyMoses said...

Please report back what happened.
It really is outrageous...

3/01/2005 09:00:00 PM  

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