Monday, February 14, 2005

Boston, Rest In Peace, ca. 1993 - 13 February 2005

Boston, ca. 1993 - 13 February 2005

Not long after my dad died, my brother and mom went to the animal shelters around her home and found a character of a dog that they named "Boston". He was part Boston Bull Terrier and part Fice, and quickly became my mom’s inseparable companion. He passed away last night. He will leave a huge vacuum of love in my mom’s home and heart.

Boston often seemed more human than dog. On the day that I told my mom about my HIV status, we sat at her dining room table and talked about the 10 years of my life that my mom had not known and Boston sat up, off to the side, on his haunches and listened for about half an hour. When Mom went into the kitchen, he remained there, sitting up, just looking into my eyes as if he understood everything that we had been saying.

Safe journeys, little fellow!

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