Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Announcing Guest Writer Stephan Adelson and HIVConnect.net

Launched on March 1st, HIVConnect.net is a unique site that connects all sectors of the HIV/AIDS community. This new social network is a place of free dialogue for people with HIV/AIDS, Community Based Organizations, AIDS Service Organizations, and the family / friends of HIV-positive people.

The site brings organizations together with each other and their clients on-line, taking the concept of a local "drop in center" to the internet. The goal of HIVConnect.net is to deepen the interaction between clients and the organizations that seek to support them.

HIVConnect.net includes a place for member profiles while offering a library of current articles with topics from "co-infections" to "Issues for Native Americans." Members are invited to post articles and comment on ones currently posted.

There are three types of membership available on the site. One profile type is for those who are HIV-positive, a second for organizations, and a third for friends and family members. To ensure the privacy and comfort of all members the family and friend community is separated from the HIV-positive community. Organizations have access to all member types.

Long term survivors of HIV/AIDS are becoming isolated environments, where the extended use of medication and mutations of the virus are creating distinctive responses in many individuals. Physicians often face unique situations, yet sharing these experiences is often difficult and time prohibitive. Those that are newly diagnosed today have a completely different experience from those that were diagnosed over 20 years ago. It is imperative that the stories and experiences of the long term survivors are preserved and shared with this new generation and the organizations that serve to community. HIVConnect.net provides a place for authentic communication while ensuring the privacy of the individual, no identifying personal information such as name or address is collected.

The site hopes to make life easier for all who are affected by HIV/AIDS while educating those that seek to support them.

Click here to visit HIVConnect.net.



Blogger joey gough said...

Great blog site,Keep up the good work & GODBLESs U & yours & have a good day eh!

5/02/2007 08:45:00 AM  

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