Friday, November 18, 2005


In the 1954 World Book Encyclopedia entry on the proper handling of the US Flag, it is revealed that an American flag flown upside down is a symbol of distress. I have taken this fact and forty-seven cent first class US flag stamps together to show my displeasure toward the administration in Washington that currently runs things. Every letter that goes from my home out into the world is affixed with an upside-down US flag stamp.

Now, I know that the credit card company probably doesn’t know that my stamp is intentionally pasted on the envelope with its stars pointed down. That isn’t the point. The point is that I know it and that this is an act of civil disobedience.

I want the world to know that I do not condone the unprovoked invasion of one sovereign country by another. I do not condone the use of torture and secret prisons by my government. I do not condone the covering up of truth, the leaking of information to discredit others, and the manipulation of data to promote the acceptance of a war that I didn’t support in the first place. I do not condone sending troops into harm’s way for a war that had its initiation in lies and deception and I do not condone sending my troops out with inadequate equipment. I do not condone the cutting of taxes for the richest of Americans while cutting the handouts to the poorest of Americans. I do not condone the hiring of cronies for positions that require competent stewards. I do not condone the awarding of contracts to Halliburton without competitive bids. I do not condone the expulsion of translators of Farsi and Arabic from US military because they are gay and then complaining that we have inadequate intelligence to do the job. Lastly, I will not and do not condone a US President who puts his vows of allegiance to religious fanatics above his vows to uphold the honor of his office. Denying full rights to gay and lesbian Americans by this administration and its supporters puts me in a state of distress.

I am aware that posting my stamps upside down is not likely a very original concept and I probably owe credit to some other good soul somewhere in the world. If I do, tell me and your credit will be given it’s due. Otherwise, if you are dissatisfied with this government, show it in every way you can. Sign petitions, put your stamps on upside down, call the White House and complain. Write letters of complaint! Donate funds or time to the opposition. VOTE!!



Anonymous susan said...

i think it's good that you can show your distress how ever small it might be. and imagine everyone doing it...
it's so much easier to condemn everything that's going on in the US from a different country. i'm so thankful that we had a different political leader back then and didn't agree to the war. although it doesn't make the misery any better ...

11/19/2005 09:05:00 AM  
Blogger Ogre said...

I always thought that putting a stamp on upside down meant "I love you..." :)

11/19/2005 07:34:00 PM  
Blogger Ron Hudson said...

Maybe it least the flag is upside down too.

11/19/2005 09:51:00 PM  

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