Monday, May 02, 2005

A Variety of May Flowers

Double-click any image to enlarge it.
Double-flowering lavender clematis vine, with flowers partially open.

A closer look at the double-flowering lavender clematis vine. Notice the huge amount of unopened petals in the center!

The blooms of this clematis vine took about a week to open fully. They look more like chrysanthemums than clematis flowers.

This clematis vine gets prettier everyday.

White bearded irises with blue fringe around the edges.

A closer look at the white bearded iris with its blue edges.

I had thought these were wild ginger plants, but they may be heartleaf plants instead.

A wavender wose, how womantic! I do miss Madeline Kahn badly!

Leaves from a cream colored Japanese Maple. In direct sun, the leaves are tinged with red.



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