Saturday, February 05, 2005


An ocean of love
has opened before me,
vast and placid.

Its surface reflects a golden light--
a healing hue, a loving luster--
that enters my soul through the eyes
like Cupid's arrows.

Deep blue skies fly clouds like kites.
Mountains, like emerald beads on a braid of straw,
shroud themselves in trees green with hope.
White beaches wash grains of sand--
as numerous as my hopes for you.

I wish myself to rise.
I soar along the surface like a flying fish,
skimming acceptance
from the deep blue sea of your eyes.

I am awed to comprehend my happiness--
my eyes well up with tears of joy.
My heart is peaceful and touched,
washed clean
by the depth of this love.

We are two little boys in the sun:
one building castles while the other watches,
smiling, happy and free.

Copyright March 1996 by Ron Hudson. Also appeared in Roger Hume's site Other Voice Poetry International, vol. 5.



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